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Armeena makes fun of Shaniera for not knowing what to say about Palestine.


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Recently, activist Shaniera Akram and actress Armeena Khan got into a heated argument on Twitter. It all started when Shaniera went on X and said something vague about how fear makes her feel useless. She said she couldn’t find the right words to describe how she felt and said she was sorry if what she said hurt anyone’s feelings.

To which Armeena replied that she was being rude for not being able to say anything about Palestine while always being very loud about Pakistan.

“Without power. I feel like I can’t do anything at all.” I’ve never been afraid to say what I want or how I feel, but I’m so upset right now that I don’t have any words left to give. I’m sorry if that offends anyone,” Shaniera wrote on X.

Armeena shared a quote from her tweet and wrote, “When it’s Pakistan, you have a lot to say.” You can either be honest about Palestine or keep your drama to yourself.

Shaniera didn’t hold back. In a tweet that is no longer available, she replied, “Seriously? The world is in bad shape, and we see a lot of pain every day, but you still hate me. What for? You don’t know me or what I’m going through. No matter what we are, we are both moms. You should use your voice to encourage sisterhood and unity. It’s high time for you to grow up. You’ve really dropped the bar for news now.”

Even though Israel is still bombing Gaza after the October 7 Hamas attack, Armeena has made it clear that she supports Palestine. In her attack against Palestine, she has been very vocal about how she thinks Israel is breaking human rights and committing war crimes.

Israel most recently hit an ambulance in Gaza City on Friday. Health officials in the Hamas-controlled region said the ambulance was taking hurt people from the besieged north of the territory to the south.

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