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Another miserable day, eh? To improve things, here is yet another song by Shae Gill performed on Coke Studio Global.

Yet another dreary day, huh? To make things better, here is another song performed by Shae Gill on Coke Studio Global.


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Coke Studio Global has released a new song by Shae Gill on YouTube, and it’s great. Gill shot to stardom after the release of Pasoori, a duet with Ali Sethi, and this ballad provides new insight into her vocal range and ability.

The new song, titled Mera Sawera, is Gill’s debut as a solo artist. A gorgeous guitar/string pluck riff opens the song, capturing the attention of the listener and setting the stage for Gill’s commanding vocals. The guitars throw you off with their out-of-time tempo, but the song ties up nicely when the electronic beats come in.

As the song proceeds, the string arrangements intensify, making the chorus stronger and more forceful. Gill’s trademark raspy voice is spotless, and she sings with unforced passion and intensity. The lyrics explore overcoming personal demons and feelings of isolation and hopelessness.

Gill just lounges about on a couch and sings in the accompanying music video. At the crescendo of the song, she rises to her feet and begins to belt. Umair Tahir, who has created music for a wide range of well-known Pakistani musicians like Young Stunners, Faris Shafi, Hasan Raheem, and Shamoon Ismail, has done a fantastic job with this track.

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