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An Evening of Honor: Welcoming and Bidding Adieu to Indian Embassy Luminaries

"Embracing Transitions: A Grand Reception Hosted by Sikhs of America Inc. and NCAIA"


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Washington, D.C. – In the serene environment of Howard County, MD, a special event unfolded this past Friday. Sikhs of America Inc. and the National Council of Asian Indian Associations (NCAIA) hosted a reception to honor two eminent figures from the Indian Embassy in Washington D.C., United States – Shri Jag Mohan, the newly appointed Minister of Personnel & Community Affairs, and Shri Anshul Sharma, the Counsellor of the Passport and Visa Wing who is set to return to India.

The lush 11-acre venue, adorned with an exquisite waterfall, provided an elegant setting for the affair. Not even a thunderstorm or heavy weekend traffic deterred guests hailing from Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, some journeying for up to two hours to attend. Despite the weather, the atmosphere within the hall was warm and bustling, filled with music and camaraderie.

Indian Embassy Officials

“Amidst the joyous claps and smiles, the Indian American community bid farewell to one leader, welcomed another, and celebrated a union that crossed continents.”

The reception was designed with a twofold purpose. It aimed to recognize the steadfast commitment and exemplary efforts of Minister Jag Mohan and Counsellor Anshul Sharma. Sharma, in his over four years at the Indian Embassy in Washington D.C., has made significant contributions to community affairs and has diligently represented the interests of Indian citizens in the United States.

The evening opened to the beautiful strains of live Hindi music, setting an intimate atmosphere for the gathering. Jasdip Singh Jesse, Chairman of Sikhs of America, was the gracious host for the evening, seamlessly directing the proceedings.

Indian Embassy Officials

In a poignant moment, a floral bouquet was presented to the guests of honor by a host of dignitaries including Jasdip Singh Jesse, Chairman, Sikhs of America Inc., Kanwaljit Singh Soni, President of Sikhs of America, Inc., Baljinder Shammi Singh, Chairman, NCAIA, and Pavan Bezwada, Chairman board of trustees, NCAIA. The presentation served as a beautiful gesture of the community’s appreciation and admiration.

A unique part of the evening was dedicated to Shri Anshul Sharma. Keerthi Swamy, President of NCAIA, offered Sharma a special gift, mirroring the profound appreciation the community held for his untiring service. During his heartfelt farewell speech, Sharma reflected on his tenure and the unique challenges he faced, particularly during the COVID-19 era. His words conveyed his deep affection for the community and an earnest gratitude to everyone who has worked with him during his time at the embassy. The respect and love he felt for his colleagues and the community were palpable in his farewell address, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

Indian Embassy Officials

Newly appointed Minister Shri Jag Mohan shared his experiences of working with Sharma, expressing his wishes to maintain their professional relationship.

A surprise was unveiled when Jasdip Singh Jesse announced the presence of guests Gurvinder Sethi and his wife, who had prioritized the event over their 35th wedding anniversary celebrations. A special cake-cutting ceremony was held in their honor, which added to the cheerful atmosphere of the evening.

Indian Embassy Officials

As the evening drew to a close, guests savored a variety of delectable Indian cuisine, an open bar, and a delightful spread of desserts. The event, filled with grand gestures, heartfelt speeches, and unforgettable memories, truly embodied the spirit of the community. As attendees departed under the star-lit sky, they took with them not just the taste of the excellent food, but also the warmth of an evening that celebrated unity, service, and commitment to one’s community.

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