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Amir Khan reiterates his support for Palestine and appeals for money, saying, “Your silence is terrorism.”

The ex-boxer spoke his mind openly.


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Renowned ex-boxer Amir Khan has issued another impassioned plea for help, this time utilizing his public profile to highlight the current catastrophe in Palestine. Khan released a series of strong speeches in which he voiced his dissatisfaction with the silent majority in the face of the unfortunate occurrences in the region.

Over 500 Palestinian children and 300 Palestinian women were killed in just a few days. All life matters remarks have the same impact as your [prayers for everyone] statements, and your prayers were obviously exclusively for the people you regard to be human. Khan began, “Making a message that is neither hot nor cold is not enough.

Separate the colonizer from the colonized, he said, and emphasize the disparity. Do not misrepresent anyone’s body out of fear or a need for brand alignment and so politicize these deaths; every death is intrinsically political. Your silence is a disgrace, you who utilize Arab and Muslim vernacular for decoration and aesthetics in order to shape some identity or career.

Khan didn’t hold back as he blasted the people who, for the sake of their professions, decided to tell some stories while standing silent when the world needed them the most. His words, “Your silence is terrorism,” rang through my head. Especially in crucial moments. requires guts, and many prominent figures who could serve as examples have either gone radio silent or removed their comments. Acerbicly, he probed, “What exactly do you fear? Friendship loss or monetary loss?”

In addition to his call to action, Khan mentioned that the Amir Khan Foundation is already hard at work in Palestine with a local team to help feed and house the afflicted people there. He urged others to help fund these initiatives by making a donation to the charity online.

As he put it bluntly in a previous tweet, he thinks that people are “scared to show their support for Palestine.” Even yet, he stressed that “Palestinian lives matter” and that “the world will remember who spoke up and who didn’t.”

Despite the potential for negative repercussions, Amir Khan’s passionate words serve as a potent reminder of the need to speak up against injustice and human suffering. It remains to be seen whether his message will motivate others to take a more active part in addressing these pressing humanitarian challenges, especially in light of his stance on the Palestinian crisis, which has resonated with many.

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