Amid ‘increasing public fury,’ the PM Imran Khan hopes dissidents will return.

PM Imran has urged party members to demonstrate peacefully rather than using violence.


As the vote of no-confidence against him in the National Assembly approaches, Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed optimism that most of the dissident PTI legislators will return to their party.

The public outcry against horse-trading is escalating, as I can see.” Because they are watching this public reaction, he said, most of them will return to the party.” This was in reference to yesterday’s incident in which PTI activists stormed the Sindh House in Islamabad in protest against the dissident members of the ruling party, who were staying inside the building.

He delivered these words during a groundbreaking ceremony for the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Party workers were also urged to conduct peaceful protests and avoid conflict with opposing parties, he said. He also emphasized the need of distinguishing between good and evil for the people.

“A few of our members became overcome with emotion and made their way to Sindh House. A few minutes later, he remarked: “I advise them that peaceful protest is their legal right, but don’t use violence.”

Asked by the premier, “Is it appropriate for those who have changed allegiance after taking the corrupt money!”

‘Changa Manga’ politics have been outlawed as time has progressed. “There will be a huge assembly on March 27th to send a clear message of standing with the virtue by opposing the evil,” he said.

He predicted that the nation’s rage would only become stronger as the opposition pushed through with its vote of no confidence.

The prime minister accused the PPP-led Sindh of utilizing public funds to purchase the support of PTI MNAs in order to pass the no-trust vote in the lower chamber of Parliament.

“The public needs to be aware of what is going on in the country. Unlawful money is being used to purchase and sell votes, and everyone in the country is watching it.

A market exists for the buying of people’s consciences via unlawful pelf. The Sindh province’s police force has been called in to protect the Sindh House, where “illegal actions” are taking place, the official said.

The prime minister alleged that “large bags of money” had been used to buy people’s loyalty.

When it comes to growth and prosperity, “the people should see this sort of politics that has always moved the nation backwards,” he said.

The prime minister accused opposition leaders of plundering the country’s resources and sending them elsewhere. There was “no one among them who ever felt embarrassed”

While in Western nations, legislators are afraid to sell their votes for fear of the public’s response, according to Prime Minister Imran,