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Alina Khan, from Joyland, was named Miss Trans Pakistan 2023 on a memorable evening.

In the Saim Sadiq film, the actor played Biba.


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One of the highlights of Alina Khan’s life was being crowned Miss Trans Pakistan 2023. Alina Khan is best known for her portrayal of Biba in the film Joyland. The actor was overjoyed to receive the crown in front of the transgender community because it gives them a place to be heard.

Alina Khan posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the sash and tiara to show off her new title. She thanked everyone for crowning her Miss Trans Pakistan 2023 and said the event would stick with her forever. Alina Khan drew attention to the date of May 31, 2023, writing, “A wonderful night to remember, May 31, 2023!” My coronation ceremony happened yesterday, and it was indeed a highlight of my life. I’m so proud to announce that I’ve been named Miss Trans Pakistan 2023!

Alina Khan’s honor and pride at being an ambassador for the transgender community through the title were evident, especially given the current climate in which the group is under continual assault and attack.

Sonia Ahmed’s Miss Trans Pakistan is the first beauty contest in Pakistan open exclusively to trans women. Shryaa Roy won the inaugural competition in 2021. It’s a great opportunity for transgender women in Pakistan to travel the world and represent their country at beauty pageants.

This year’s celebration, which took place on Wednesday, also featured the crowning of Miss Pakistan Overseas, Mrs. Pakistan, and other such titles. Areej Chaudhary, a former Miss Pakistan, crowned Alina Khan. Khan indicated her long-term goals by saying she wants to represent Pakistan at international pageants. The part of Joyland’s lead actress propelled the actor to stardom. Saim Sadiq was the director of Joyland.

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