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Ali Sethi, contrary to rumors, has not tied the knot.

The singer addressed the controversy on social media.


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There have been rumors since last Thursday that Ali Sethi, a famous Pakistani singer and Pasoori hitmaker, and Salman Toor, a painter based in New York City, sealed their marriage in a small ceremony in the Big Apple.

There was a rumor that they were getting married, but no further information was provided online. In reality, up until this point, neither side had commented on the rumors.

Ali Sethi, who was trending on Twitter on Saturday morning, took to his account to set the record straight. Sethi clarified his relationship status on Instagram Stories: “I am not married; I don’t know who started the rumor.” “But maybe they should help market my new release,” the singer joked.

He then provided a link to his most recent single, Paniya, a collaboration with Noah Georgeson that is out on all streaming services now. In addition, Sethi has announced tour dates for cities all over the world, including Brooklyn, Dallas, Houston, Dubai, Dublin, Glasgow, and London.

In contrast, American-born painter Salman Toor (born 1983) hails from Pakistan. In his art, young males of South Asian descent are shown up close in idealized versions of South Asia and New York City.

Toor is a New York City resident and worker. He was named one of the future’s most influential young leaders on TIME’s TIME 100 Next list in 2021.

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