After a PUBG ‘addict’ killed his mother and brothers in Punjab, officials there recommended a ban on the game.

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Punjab Police has proposed a ban on the PUBG mobile game after a youngster shot and killed four members of his family in the Khana district of the city.

Ali Zain, an 18-year-old PUBG fanatic, killed his mother, sisters, and brother because he thought they would be revived like in the game, according to authorities.

After that, according to law enforcement sources, Zain went to sleep in the basement and subsequently went into hiding in a hamlet near Faisalabad.

“It is imperative that the game be banned in order to avoid violence.” Suggests Punjab Police,

According to a police spokeswoman, the Punjab Police have decided to urge a ban on the “hazardous game” to the federal and provincial governments after reviewing the specifics of the event.