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A turn away from Karachi as Cyclone Biparjoy reroutes.

Biparjoy, the cyclone, curves away from Karachi. The most recent PMD alert was recorded some 370 kilometres southwest of Karachi.


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The very severe cyclonic storm (VSCS) Biparjoy has shifted its course away from Karachi, according to a new warning issued by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Wednesday afternoon.

In a statement, the Meteorological Service said, “Under the existing upper-level steering winds. The VSCS Biparjoy started to recurve north-northeastward and [will] likely cross between Keti Bandar (Southeast Sindh) and the Indian Gujarat coast on the evening of June 15 as a VSCS with packing winds of 100–120 km/hour gusting 140 km/hour.”

“PMD’s cyclone warning center in Karachi is continuously monitoring the system and will issue updates accordingly,” it said.

In particular, the new warning recorded the distance as about 370 km SSW of Karachi, 355 km SSW of Thatta, and 290 km SSW of Keti Bandar, whereas the alert issued at 11:50 a.m. today reported the cyclone to be approximately 340 km SSW of Karachi, 355 km SSW of Thatta, and 275 km SSW of Keti Bandar.

The PMD reports that the current maximum sustained surface winds are 150–160 km/hour. With gusts up to 180 km/hour in the heart of the system.

As the cyclone made its way toward the coast of Sindh today, certain parts of Karachi recorded light rain as rain bands and high gusts approached the city.

She also said, “There is always a fallout from such heavy cyclonic activity,” thus the Sindh government is “making sure that they are bracing for this shock” in all of the southern cities. We made adequate plans in a timely manner, despite having few resources to work with.

The minister said that “a concerted and coordinated effort is being led by the government of Sindh.

Similarly, the government has relocated 830 individuals out of a total population of 9,000 in Shahbandar.

Meanwhile, the government has relocated 1,727 of Jati’s 8,070 residents, and another 3,000 residents have relocated willingly. While 2000 residents of Kharo Chan left on their own accord, the government has relocated another 3000.

Aid operations by the army persist. First and foremost, we must guarantee the security of those who are vulnerable. This large number demonstrates the Pakistan Army’s dedication to ensuring the safety of citizens in the path of the cyclone.

Corps Commander Karachi has ordered that the rescue operation be finished by tonight. Highlighting the critical nature of the relief efforts.

The corps commander emphasized that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between the military and civilian government in Karachi. The Pakistan Army’s dedication to serving the country in times of catastrophe is on full display in its coordinated efforts to aid the public.

Authorities have briefed GCO Hyderabad Garrison on the relief efforts and population displacement in Sujawal district relief camps.

He learned during the briefing that over 6,000 victims have been housed in relief camps across the district.

The GCO Hyderabad Garrison dispersed relief supplies throughout the affected area. During this difficult time, he added, the military will remain unwavering to the end.

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