A Makeup Artist From China Can Transform Into Anyone, Shocking Images.

A 26-year-old makeup artist and vlogger from Chongqing, China impressed the world with her talent. He Yuhong has the unique skill of being able to transform herself into almost any celebrity with the help of only makeup. The artist went extremely viral on Chinese social media. She has her own Instagram page where she’s already gained 450,000 followers and where she shares her masterpieces. She has already transformed into Johnny Depp, Mona Lisa, Taylor Swift, and even Michael Jackson.

We’re going to start with this picture of He Yuhong, just as a reminder of how incredible her ability to transform from this into… Well, damn near anyone she wants to. It’s amazing to work that speaks for itself, but just in case, we’ll throw some captions your way just so it’s clear which make-up is what (but seriously, I probably don’t even need to do that, most of these are REALLY on the money).

we just got impressed with the Yuhong’s skills and picked her most outstanding works for you.

Yuhong has the ability to walk through a crowd without ever revealing her true identity, no she’s not one of the Faceless Men on Game of Thrones – just an artist whose talent allows her to transform herself to any famous face. Yuhong, also known as Yuyamaika on Instagram, has amassed 508k followers on her page with mind-blowing transformations such as Mona Lisa and Johnny Depp.

In addition to Instagram, the artist has a huge following on YouTube, where she posts play-by-play videos of her unbelievable metamorphosizes. In the list below we present you with the newest looks from this make-up chameleon. From your favorite singers to art pieces to actors we promise you won’t be disappointed, so don’t forget to upvote your favs!


Here are her transformations:
Albert Einstein


Johnny Depp


Taylor Swift


Michael Jackson


Charlie Chaplin


And hey, if you are interested in how the hell she pulls this off, check out her Instagram page for videos showing these transformations.

At Instagram: yuyamika7

Which of He Yuhong’s transformations impressed you the most? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!