Young founder/producer should join hands-says Simita Kundu joining Deepak Ghoshal for FRANKLY FRIENDLY

Mumbai 35MMCREATIONS has now collaborated with QDR opus Private limited for their film , Frankly Friendly - a clique ride!

This is an exciting moment for both the founders. Says Deepak Ghoshal,

“As a filmmaker, I and my co founder Debarti Banerjee, are always on the lookout for some unique content that can connect with the masses on a deeper level.When we met Simita Kundu, founder and owner of 35MMCREATIONS, and heard the narration of Frankly Friendly, we were highly interested in being a part of the film and came on board immediately.

We connected with Simita Kundu, and are extremely happy to be collaborating with her on this project. Our enthusiasm, thoughts and imaginative processes match a lot, when it comes to portraying creativity on a bigger Canvas.

We also instantly connected with the motto, with which Simita is driving 35MMCREATIONS. We strongly support her and her motto. Her Motto – She truly believes in creating a healthy workspace for women where they can relax and focus on their craft; instead of worrying about their safety and also gives platform to perform on the basis of talent and seriousness towards performing art whether it is a fresh talent or a respected experienced individual.

This thought and work ethics is very promising and it only going to get better and bigger.. Such a work environment is a must in the long run, as, that brings out the best in each one of us and the onus is on us filmmakers to set the right trend.

Talent should speak for itself. Simita believes in this with all her heart and so do we.
Our First film ‘Avichi’, which means “Without Soul”, was the first silent movie released under QDR Productions. It’s a very unusual and amazing film. It portrays soulless beings wandering in a state of misery, turning animalistic with each passing moment.  So, collaborating on Frankly Friendly, is the next logical step for us, as a company looking for unique and strong content.

Hope this association is the first of many to come.” Simita is also extremely happy with this new development. For her it’s more about connecting with like minded strong individuals who are in sync with her vision.

She says, ” When young founders collaborate, they bring something meaningful to the table, they bring ideas, values and a strong vision. Am very happy to work with Mr.Deepak, on my very first film. Wish us luck for our very first Collab”.

The way simita is producing and crafting Frankly FRIENDLY under her banner of 35MMCREATIONS in association with QDR opus private limited, we r sure this content based visual with unique technical mix & match,the short length film ‘FRANKLY FRIENDLY-a clique ride’ is truly a film to look forward to.