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PF Chang’s Brings You the Perfect Valentine’s Day Retreat in Karachi


The Asian themed dining restaurant, PF Chang’s has announced a special deal for Valentine’s Day on Friday, 14th February, at Com3 in Karachi.

PF Chang’s offers a breathtaking experience in an enchanting ambiance, with its soft lighting and impeccable service and a decadent cuisine of chicken, beef, shrimp, and other noteworthy menu items including desserts. A special 3-course Asian dining menu has been specifically introduced for this special day.

To celebrate this day of love, PF Chang’s Valentine’s Day offers a menu for Rs. 5500 per couple and the restaurant would also offer two complimentary cookies to everyone dining at the restaurant.

Founded in 1993 by Philip Chiang and Paul Fleming in Scottsdale, Arizona, P.F. Chang’s roots start much earlier when co-founder, Philip Chiang’s mother introduced fine-dining Chinese food to the United States, offering something no one had experienced before. It was here where Philip learned the ancient techniques of wok cooking that continues to be at the core of P.F. Chang’s today. The restaurant opened its door in Pakistan in 2018, first in Lahore, followed by Karachi.


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