‘Peechay Hutt,’ Hasan Raheem’s Coke Studio debut a catchy music.

Talal Qureshi provides the rhythms, while Justin Bibis provides the explosive chorus.

For one thing, the newest Coke Studio offering from Talal Qureshi and the Justin Bibis, Hasan Raheem, is certain to get you moving. Raheem’s characteristic mumble and the Bibis’ loud chorus give the song and accompanying music video a Gen-Z vibe with a meaningful message to go along with it.

Peechay Hutt is an effort to “embrace the sound and emblems of the future,” according to the official press release for the song, which marks the Coke Studio debuts of all three singers.

He said, “Coke Studio has moulded me up in a manner that I’ve matured artistically, and as a person, for which I’ll always be appreciative,” while discussing his first appearance on the show.

When discussing his time at Coke Studio, Qureshi said, “My experience with Coke Studio has been a great one, everyone involved in this initiative performed an incredible job.

It’s exciting to see Coke Studio aggressively promoting a new sound and a new generation of artists. For me, it’s an honor to be part of a movement that’s transforming Pakistan’s music business and redefining what Pakistani music can be. Peechay Hutt, to be clear,