Now it’s time India-Pakistan step toward peace talks: Sajid Tarar, President Muslims of America/Aide to President Trump

Acting U.S. Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan is focussed on de-escalating tensions between India and Pakistan and urged them both to avoid further military action, the Pentagon said on Wednesday, without saying if he had spoken with his counterparts from either nation.

In a statement, the Pentagon said Shanahan had spoken with senior U.S. military officials about the situation.

“Acting Secretary Shanahan’s focus is on de-escalating tensions and urging both of the nations to avoid further military action,” the statement added.

India shouldn’t blame Pakistan for the Pulwama incident (Washington Post)

Ambassador Dr. Asad M. Khan briefed US & international media representatives at the Embassy of Pakistan, 27 Feb 2019. During the briefing, Ambassador covered a range of issues including deteriorating peace and security situation in the South Asian region.

Photo: Embassy of Pakistan