“Maula” is the first single from Ali Zafar’s new album, “Husn”


An new album by Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar has just released its first track. Zafar wrote the music and Kaamil Hyderabadi wrote the words for this devotional Sufi song.

Ali Zafar has issued a statement on the album and his personal experience.

“Each of us has a unique path in life and a unique perspective on events. The Chal Dil Meray singer’s forthcoming album, ‘Husn,’ symbolizes a specific path I’ve taken as an artist.

This “unknown finding” that surpasses our five senses in our minds and that we prefer to see as “reality” was the most lovely experience for him.

It is only after this voyage that one realizes “that there is something more about ourselves and our life when there are no agreements or conflicts.”

That’s why he says there’s nothing to talk about. Silence and light in the night are all that’s needed for a good time. Something that can only be conveyed via music. And that’s what makes it so wonderful. In other words, “Husn.”

Filmed at Lahore Fort’s Sheesh Mahal, Ali Zafar is joined by a troupe of Sufi Whirling dancers in Waleed Akram’s “Maula” music video. The objective of the spinning ritual in Sufism is to put oneself into a trance-like condition and remove all ideas from one’s mind.