Khushali Kumar and Parth Samthaan starrer ‘Dhokha’ has released its title song by Arijit Singh.

Gulshan Kumar & T-Series Presents Bhushan Kumar's Motion Picture Track 'Dhokha' by Arijit Singh featuring Khushalii Kumar, Parth Samthaan & Nishant Dahiya. Directed by Mohan S Vairaag, composed and written by Manan Bhardwaj.

“Dhokha,” the next film by actors Khushali Kumar and Parth Samthaan, has a new title tune. Arijit Singh performs the song. In addition to writing the words for the song ‘Dhokha,’ Manan Bhardwaj also provides the music.

It was a blast working with Parth Samthaan and Khushali Kumar on this song, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

According to Khushali Kumar, the song ‘Dhokha’ is very moving. Everything about this song, from the music to the images, is just stunning.”

Aside from “Phele Pyaar Ka Phela Gham,” Parth Samthaan and Khushali Kumar will collaborate on “Dhokha,” he said.

As Khushali says, “After the popularity of ‘Phele Pyaar Ka Phela Gham,’ Khushali and I come together for ‘Drokh’ and hopefully the listeners will adore our chemistry just as much in this beautiful tune performed by Arijit Singh.’

Manan Bhardwaj, the song’s composer and songwriter, predicts that the track’s stirring melody and heartfelt lyrics would move listeners to tears.

Filmmaker Mohan S. Vairag discusses the visual representation of the song, saying, “The video is vivid and packed with color set against stunning scenery and represents the atmosphere of a song. Khushali and Parth’s chemistry is something to keep an eye out for.”

According to producer Bhushan Kumar, “Dhokha” will be a hit with listeners, and they’ll fall in love with Khushali and Parth’s dynamic.

“I have a feeling that a large number of people will connect with this song. The song’s words and singing both pack a punch. It is impossible not to be captivated by Khushali and Parth’s on-screen chemistry.

Hurt is a feeling that cannot be expressed by words. ‘Dhokha’ is a sentimental song that has a special place in my heart, and I believe it will resonate with others who are experiencing similar feelings. According to the songwriter, the song’s “mukhda” (the catchy, simple melody) was what drew everyone in.