Imran Khan’s visit to the US is the top trend online worldwide

Thousands cheered as Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan visited Washington DC

Washington DC: With up to 30,000 people chanting ‘Pakistan zindabad’ in a stadium that housed, what some are calling, “the largest gathering of Pakistani-Americans in history”, the patriotic spirit was high as the country’s Prime Minister made a visit to the US.

Soon after, top worldwide online trends involved Imran Khan’s US visit. Social media users used hashtags like #PMIKJalsaInUSA, #PakistanZindabad [long live Pakistan] and #PMIKInUSA on Twitter to share their thoughts, clips, and pictures.

Tweep @imranmerejan1 posted an image of him at the event and sporting a patriotic look: “One of the best days of my life, got to see my great leader from a couple of feet. I love Imran Khan. Imran Khan zindabad. Pakistan Paindabad [long live Pakistan] #PMIKJalsaInUSA”

Not only those who were at the event were excited, but there were also those who watched the address from home with equal enthusiasm.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s official Twitter account, @InsafPK, shared an image of Khan’s address being watched from home: “Scenes from one of the many households back at home [in Pakistan], right now! #PMIKJalsaInUSA”

Throughout the address, the PTI Twitter account shared updates from the venue.


The legendary Pakistani pop-rock band Junoon played a big part in the event.

Their iconic 1996 patriotic song ‘Jazba-e-Junoon’ (passion and craze) played throughout the occasion.

The band’s official Instagram account, @junoonmusic, shared a clip of lead vocalist and guitarist Salman Ahmad pumping up the crowd at the stadium as the anthem played, and the crowd of thousands cheered and waved the Pakistan flag. Ahmad has been an overt supporter of PTI and Khan for decades.