How to get some good sleep the night before your wedding day

    Here’s how to avoid tossing and turning all night so you can feel your best on your wedding day.

    The night before your big day, your mind is bound to be buzzing with gazillion thoughts, excitement and more, preventing you from some sweet slumber. Now, lack of sleep can mean dark circles, dull skin and puffy eyes which is absolutely not ideal for your wedding day.

    You don’t want things to keep you up all night and end up looking utterly exhausted on your special day. It is vital to create and stick to a sleep schedule in the weeks leading up to your wedding, so you don’t end up overly tired, stressed or even worse, fall sick on your wedding day. Hence, here are some top tips you can follow to get some best night sleep before your big day.

    Create a sleep schedule

    Not less than three weeks before the wedding, create a sleep cycle for yourself. Which means, you’re required to pick a bedtime and a time to wake up each day. Most importantly, STICK to it even during the weekends.

    Wind down

    Almost an hour before you hit the sack, and not later than fifteen minutes before you sleep, you should create a wind-down routine. Let me break it down to you, this means dimming the lights (dimming the lights helps your brain get the clue that you’re about to get some sleep), switching off all your social media notifications, emails, etc. and listening to a comforting playlist and disengaging from the world.


    Exercise is known to reduce stress and improve slumber. People who stick to a routine workout tend to have a higher quality of sleep. If you want to notch this up a little, try doing a few relaxing yoga poses before bed with some mediation to put you in a restful mood.

    Eat a light evening meal

    Eat easily digestible meal which is high in protein and low in carb.

    Have a bath

    Set an hour aside for a soak. A super warm bath filled with aroma crystals or bath salts will ease all the pre-wedding anxieties. Natural calming scents of chamomile and sandalwood are perfect for a soothing pre-bedtime treat. Follow it up with some deep relaxing balm massaged into the pulse points of your wrists.

    Control your room temperature

    Make sure that the room temperature is just right. Which means, don’t go mad with the AC the night before your wedding day! According to experts, the best sleep is achieved in a room with a temperature between 18-20 degree Celsius.

    Pull the plug of your electronics

    Disengaging from social media, emails, and texts will draw your mind away from the types of thoughts that can jolt you back into a state of anxious wakefulness. It is a difficult transition from awake activity to sleep. So, at least adjust the brightness or put the night mode on.

    Write down a to-do list

    If you can’t relax and calm down as you’re getting into bed, get a pen and paper and jot down the list of concerns that are keeping you up with potential solutions. As long as you’ve addressed the issues fiddling around in your mind and created a solution, you have a good chance of letting it go.

    It is true that the butterflies in your stomach will definitely disturb your beauty rest, but following these tips will help you get some good sleep before your D-day girls!