“Food Pro” Randy Santel Finishes Ultimate Taco Challenge by Chive Cuisine in Florida


Randy Santel “Atlas” vs Chive’s Ultimate Taco Challenge at CHIVE Quick Creative Cuisine in Vero Beach, Florida which is on the Treasure Coast of Florida.

Katina and I decided to kick off our 2021 food challenge touring in Florida, and our February Florida Tour turned into a February & March Florida Tour!! I attempted lots of food challenges all over the state of Florida.

Randy Santel Becomes the first person to attempt and help kick off Chive’s Ultimate Taco Challenge which had a 45-minute time limit to finish 16 specialty tacos plus 2 Reuben Rolls and a 1lb Max & Cheese burrito filled with beefsteak & macaroni and cheese.

I also had to finish 2 flights from their 24 available on-tap beer options. I was trying to win my $99 meal free plus a sweet t-shirt & hat, and the first spot up on Chive’s Wall of Fame.


Thanks to Lou and everyone with CHIVE Quick Creative Cuisine for the amazing food, drinks, and hospitality!!

Thanks also to the great people who came up that evening to meet me that March evening!! We acknowledge everyone in Vero Beach, FL and around Florida who watches and supports our efforts!! Thanks