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Curious about the repercussions of negative remarks on public figures? Mahira Khan reflects on this issue, advocating for online kindness.

There's widespread criticism of the trolling surrounding the disappearance of the Princess of Wales.


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Wondering about the impact of negative comments on public figures? Mahira Khan reflects on this issue, urging kindness online. There’s widespread criticism of trolling surrounding Princess of Wales’ disappearance.

Recently, Princess Kate disclosed her cancer battle after speculation about her health. She hadn’t been seen since Christmas until a recent video emerged of her with Prince William. Many celebrities, including Blake Lively and Halsey, have expressed regret over their past online behavior.

Jemima Goldsmith emphasizes the need for sensitivity, especially in light of Kate’s diagnosis. This incident underscores the importance of empathy and caution in the digital realm. Let’s prioritize kindness and mindfulness in our online interactions.

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