Beparwah, Momina Mustehsan’s song on Coke Studio Season 14, is out now.

The honey-sweet voice of Momina Mustehsan begs for a sign from the divine that it will not be careless with her. As the world responds with a chorus of reverberation, producers Xulfi and ActionZain create an ethereal soundscape. It’s a voyage via the music.

Before Momina’s acapella conclusion returns us to our condition of aloneness, ecstatic surges of sarod, harmoniums, synthesizers and human voices transport the listener. As a consequence, the work is both light and intimate.

Momina was brought to tears the first time she heard the song since she had gone through similar things in her life. This connection is evident in her vocals, which are both honest and powerful. An enchanting woodland is featured in the video, which was directed by Zeeshan Parwez. For Art Director Hashim Ali Chaudhry, nature is nothing but light and love when you’re conversing with a higher force.

Beparwah, a vast, dazzling melody that reminds us that aid is just around the corner, if we only ask, embraces uncertainty and hope in equal measures.

Coke Studio Season 14’s sole solo is an intimate dialogue. Beparwah is a hymn for those of us who, in times of need, turn to a higher power for guidance and protection.

Coke Studio has always included references to the divine. Adnan Dhool’s lyrics and music have evolved over the years, and that growth is on display in Beparwah. In contrast to past years’ folky compositions, Beparwah’s rich, sugary tone and delicate orchestration produce a soaring song.