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Armeena Khan, an Internationally acclaimed Pakistan artist is launching her own YouTube channel with the name of “That girl on the TV” (Link) to stay connected with her audience in more creative manner. Since the pandemic rocked the world and wrecked all our travel plans, people have become ever more reliant on digital platforms to communicate.

“That girl on the TV” is the name of her newly launched YouTube channel, through which she just wants to talk to her people, wherever they may be across the world. Her forthcoming vlogs will see Armeena explore new places, try out the latest trends and experience new beauty and makeup collections, as well as invite guests onto her channel while highlighting everything else she will be doing in her life.

The “Bin Roye” superstar is not particular about what type of people she will be talking to, and even though she is living abroad with an international fan base, she is determined to stay true to herself. With Covid continuing to restrict people’s travel, Armeena believes her own YouTube channel will help bridge the gap and become an effective platform to showcase her personality beyond the world of showbiz.

She is an award winner too, having previously picked up “The couple of the year award” for her movie “Janaan” with Bilal Ashraf and a ‘Female Empowerment Award in the U.K. Armeena is also a Hum Award (Best Actress twice), a Nigar Award (Best Actress) and Lux Style Award Nominee for her performances in film and television. Now based in England, through her active social platforms Armeena is working hard to remain in touch with her fan base both in Pakistan and across the globe.

Youtube Armeena Khan :

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