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One of those magical 2 days of the year that Elie Saab haute couture parade! And if you thought that the designer was moving away from his roots, inventing a lot of fashion and trying to “please” the critics who always saw the same things, well, be happy! This season’s parade was the way we like it! Much glamor, drama, boldness, and ostentation.

The theme of the collection was “Paris is a party” and I can only say one thing, what a party! Dresses that look like jewels, many,  feathers, embroidery, tulles and transparencies of always and romantic touch daring with super bows, was an admirable parade. Separate my bookmarks by themes.

Mullets, but do not get scared, they’re cute! This style was the most innovative of the Lebanese collection and the most interesting. It’s a long dress back, but short in the front, is bold, sexy and super young. I would like to see this style in awards such as the Oscars. Among my favorites, the blacks, and that wonderful red!

Another very strong item in the collection: bows! Not a little bow, a bond. I think a little of the styling of the parade, I do not know if it would be literally translated in a red carpet of life, but it goes back to that party and opulence that the collection suggests.

And focus on the feathers! A year ago she came back with all her strength on the runways and, counting for Elie, she’s not going anywhere! Good, that shows that fashion is less minimal and extravagant.

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To finish, fotona to show my favorite dresses: jewelry! They look like jewels, a precious thing, rich, opulent, comes Oscar! And this wedding dress was one of the most beautiful and, ironically, real I’ve seen lately. Congratulations to those involved!

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