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TV Actress Rashika Singh has found an effective alternative to her gym routine


Rashika Singh, who recently landed a horror film titled ‘Kiara’, says that despite the restrictions imposed thanks to the lockdown, she has found a way to stay fit. Since going to her gym is no longer possible due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the actress is doing zumba at home, which she says is an excellent form of exercise.

She says, “I enjoy doing zumba at home. If I am not doing zumba, I do yoga and keep myself fit. In these times, when one can’t step out of their home, it is important not to become lazy. Encourage yourself to follow an exercise routine at home. This not only helps you shed lethargy, but also helps in improving mental and physical energy. You don’t feel dull and are more energetic.”

Ask the ‘Yeh Hai Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’, actress, if she learnt zumba from a trainer and she says, “No, I just picked it up from videos I saw on the internet. They are quite easy to follow.”

Rashika also believes in eating healthy. She said, “It is very easy to eat anything that comes into your hand because you are not doing much and the mind is tempted to try different dishes. Therefore, I have picked up a few healthy recipes from my mother and make sure to cook healthy food at home.”

Rahul Khan
Rahul Khan
Executive Producer (India)


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