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Trump’s erratic early morning Twitter retweets include one calling him fascist

US president also retweets article from notorious conspiracy theorist and image of ‘Trump train’ running down person with CNN logo on their face

Donald Trump continued his morning routine of posting eccentric messages on Twitter by sharing a tweet by a man calling the president a fascist, another sent by a conspiracy theorist, and an image of a train labelled “Trump” hitting a person with the CNN logo on their face.

Trump, or someone close to him, quickly deleted the retweet of a Twitter user named Mike Holden calling him a fascist, but other postings lingered into the morning.

Holden’s message was sent in response to Trump’s retweeting of a Fox News article reporting that the president was considering pardoning disgraced Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, which led to some confusion about whether he was calling Trump or Arpaio a fascist, but Holden clarified shortly after that it was a message directed at the president.

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