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“The Dark Side of Rain in Villages” Story by Saba Rehman

Description: Rain is considered to be blessings, but the condition when you are living in a bricks home in cities, but on the other hand, when you are living in a muddy home in villages, rain has the pain in our daily life, said by a villager in a native village of the Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The rain has not any glitch, but when it is sporadic. One older man of the villages explained further that,

“Our kids are prowling on muddy roads and sometimes the kids slip and fell down as well” villagers usually use plastic sheets to cover their roof from rain and leakage. With the start of rain, there have been problems of puddles inside the home, and muddy roads which have made our life difficult. People find it difficult while walking whether it is short or long distance because the roads are slippery and there is a high chance that they might fall down. Apart from the mud and slippery roads, they face troubles for their kettles as well as sometimes in one room, they also live together along with their kettles as well.

Rainy season comes every year and no doubt it is essential for survival, but the suffering they go through during the rainy season makes their life miserable as well.

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Saba Rehman Mohmand
Saba Rehman Mohmand is a photojournalist from Pakistan and right now she is only one from all FATA & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

She is a tribal girl who studied photojournalism from National Geographic Washington DC USA. Saba did her master in Journalism and mass communication.
she is working as a freelance photojournalist for BBC Urdu and Next Lifestyle TV the USA.

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