Suneet Varma Showcasing the collection at FDCI India Couture Week 2019

One of India’s foremost couturiers, Suneet Varma is a name that immortalises glamour and timeless style. After getting his degree from Europe in 1986, he went on to work with renowned couturier Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. Meticulous craftsmanship, a strong design sensibility and an undying love for sartorial research, the Varma brand exudes fantasy, sexy sophistication and unadulterated femininity for the woman of today.

Associations with some of the strongest international brands make Varma a designer whose forte goes beyond a uni-dimensional profile. He has collaborated with brands BMW, Judith Leiber, Azva by World Gold Council , Moet Chandon, Arttdinox by Jindal Steel, Faces by the Sartorialist ,Diacolor jewels and Swarovski.

Amara is the name of Suneet’s 2019 Couture Collection. “India has a century-old love affair with couture or made to measure for pleasure. There is no denying the luxurious indulgence of precious finery, the magical beauty of one-off embellished wedding attire and the sparkle of personalized jewels that are made to match with it,” says Suneet.