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Sleeping with colleagues gets complicated: 5 revelations made by Bollywood’s Queen – Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut opened up like never before in a recent interview.

In the sea of diplomacy that is Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut is a refreshing exception. The actor is always known to speak her mind, not hesitating to take on influential people in the industry, whether it is Hrithik Roshan or Karan Johar.

Kangana gave an explosive interview to Filmfare, where she opens up on a variety of topics, from extramarital affairs to being physically abused in a relationship. Here are five of her revelations from the chat:

1. “If you end up sleeping with colleagues, it gets complicated”

With actors leading such a busy life and not being able to meet too many people outside the film industry, it is uncommon for them to find love in a fellow actor. Kangana, who is still embroiled in a legal battle with alleged ex-boyfriend and former co-star Hrithik Roshan, talked about the flipside of this, and warned that it can end badly. “When men face rejection they do get bitter about it and then the work environment becomes difficult. And if you end up sleeping with colleagues then it gets more complicated. The mating game is the same everywhere,” she said.

2. “When you’re young, you tend to believe the sob story of a married man”

It is said that sparks flew between Kangana and Hrithik on the sets of Krrish 3. At the time, he was still married to Sussanne Khan. After their alleged affair turned ugly, one of Kangana’s friends claimed in an interview that Hrithik had pursued her and convinced her that his marriage was in shambles and that he and Sussanne slept in separate bedrooms.

Perhaps it was from experience that Kangana explained why strong and successful women often fall for married men. Well, you have to add ‘young’ to successful and strong. When you’re young, you tend to believe the sob story of a married man when he tells you ‘my wife beats me’. If a married man, who is persuading me, gets a minute alone with me, he will say, my wife is this evil bitch and I am this poor person’ and how the one who is sitting in front of him is his savior,” she said.

The Tanu Weds Manu actor added, “Women have to stop falling for this bullshit, this crap. This is not the truth at all. Do you think I’ll buy that now? No way. I have not yet met a happy married man in my life. No matter what the age is. At some point, post 25 years of age, you don’t buy this. But when you’re between 15 and 25 the natural tendency of a young woman is to fall for someone who could be an ‘ideal husband’ forgetting that he’s already a husband.”

3. “A certain person subjected me to extreme physical abuse”

Kangana has never shied away from talking about being physically abused in a relationship. She has admitted in earlier interactions with the media that she was beaten up by a “man who was my father’s age” when she was just 17. It is believed that the man in question is Aditya Pancholi, although she has never named him.

In this interview, she said, “I did encounter unfortunate incidents where a certain person forced himself or subjected me to extreme physical abuse but it was not in the professional space. It was not like I was working on a film or that he was my co-star. So I don’t know if I can associate that with the film industry.”

4. “I do all my films for money”

Kangana’s choice of films has been lauded by the critics and audiences alike. Bollywood’s Queen has often talked about wanting to challenge herself as an artiste, which led to talk that creative satisfaction was more important to her than the renumeration offered. But Kangana rubbished this and said money was as important a factor for her.

“I do all my films for money! The perception that I don’t work for money is untrue. Of what use is name and fame if you are not financially secure. I would rather sit at home, cook my favorite meal and spend time with people that I like. But, when I am out there in a worker’s capacity, if I dedicate my youth and my time to do a certain job, I want to be a part of the earnings, the profits. I am clear about that,” she said.

Kangana Ranaut in the Still “Queen”

5. “Being in love is an addictive emotion”

With all her bitter experiences, Kangana has not turned into a cynic. She still believes in love, which is of paramount importance to an artiste, as she feels that it is the source of creativity. “Being in love is an addictive emotion, it’s a dizzy headed feeling,” she said.

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