Rihanna goes after her own father in court for using ‘Fenty’ to launch his business


Rihanna is going after her own father and has filed a lawsuit against him for jacking Fenty.

Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against her own father, Ronald Fenty for using her name and brand Fenty to get through his deals which she added are worth million dollars. According to the suit, Rihanna has sued her father along with Moses Perkins, his business partner for falsely using the brand name and trademark of Benty to their benefits by sending out wrong information about Fenty Entertainment, where they have associated it to the singer, thereby making money off it.

Further, Rihanna has also mentioned in the lawsuit how Fenty is her trademark and she has been using it since 2012 for cosmetics as well as a range of other products. However, Fenty Entertainment started only in 2017. Rihanna also revealed in the documents how her father not only tried to fund his business venture but also tried to book 15 shows for her in America for a whopping 15 million dollars, and all of this without her knowing about it.



Now, Rihanna wants an injunction upon her father for using the name Fenty, and also for the damages. Rihanna also said how despite multiple attempts to cease and desist letters to her father asking him to stop using Fentry trademarks for his business, he never paid heed to her and continued making money off of Fenty Entertainment. In fact, he once also tried to file a trademark of Fenty but remained unsuccessful.

Rihanna has had a tough relationship with her father and in 2011, Rihanna had also expressed her feelings post her father called everything she said a bunch of lies with reference to Chris Brown. However, she later also said in an interview that she had made peace with her father.


Credits: TMZ