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Noor Fatima (Chairperson, IIUI Pakistan) Honored with Martin Luther King Award

The Department of Education has honored Pakistan’s Dr. Noor Fatima (Chairperson & Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations & Political Science, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan), with the prestigious civil Martin Luther King Award in recognition of introducing new educational ideas.

Dr. Fatima is the first South Asian woman to have been bestowed the high American civil award.

Prof. Fatima told Voice of America’s Urdu service that she has focused her work on fostering interfaith harmony since she was invited to the Barack Obama White House in 2015.

Appearing in Jahan Rang program Dr. Faitma told anchor Asad Hasan that she was among 50 educationists who were invited to share their ideas on promoting interfaith understanding and averting any clash between civilizations.

Her suggestions call for educating students from elementary to graduate levels in a way that helps them to coexist peacefully and harmoniously without forming any prejudices about others on the basis of color, creed or faith.

Written By: Nuzaira Azam
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