Newbie hijabi rapper Eva B from Coke Studio’s ‘Kana Yaari’

Coke Studio season 14 episode two was released Wednesday night featuring a number of promising on the block, including the up-and-coming hijabi rapper Eva B.

The Balochi pop song Kana Yaari was quick to garner love amongst the audience, thereby promising a slew of many other hits from the season. The track also starred Kaifi Khalil as the lead vocalist and Abdul Wahab Bugti playing the Tambura.

In an earlier interview with Patari, Eva B exclusively highlighted the meaning behind her name.

Speaking to Coke Studio in a recent interview, the rapper shared how she was instantly attracted to rap songs after listening to a number by Eminem.

“I was blown away and fascinated by what I had heard. I went on to ask my friends what this music is really about. I never thought that music could be like this,” confessed the rapper.

Her later music collaborations include one with Momina Mustehsan at the Lux style awards. She keeps her identity hidden under a hijab because it makes her feel anonymous yet empowered.

“Eva B under the aforementioned pseudonym where Eva is a tribute to the first woman on Earth, Eve, like the latter she too is a first in the female rapping community in the country. The added letter B is a nod to her Baloch identity,” explained the outlet in a 2021 interview.