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Marbles & Kids by Saba Rehman

Mardan District is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The district is famous for its agriculture industry. Most of the people are the farmer in a profession in villages. They are engaged in agriculture either directly or indirectly.The traditional culture of the village is now subject to change due to the effects upon village society from the introduction of modern technology, such as pumps and tube wells for irrigation. The rural villagers of Pakistan commonly live in houses made of bricks, clay or mud. Marble game is very popular in the ruler areas of Pakistan where most kids and even elders can be seen playing it.

Marbles are usually played by boys but with the passage of time baby girls are also playing this game with their fellow girls.

A marble is a small spherical toy. These balls vary in size. Game players try to throw their marble into a small hole in the ground.

The player who is successful in throwing the marble in the whole becomes the striker and then hits the other players’ marble with his marble.

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Saba Rehman Mohmand
Saba Rehman Mohmand is a photojournalist from Pakistan and right now she is only one from all FATA & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

She is a tribal girl who studied photojournalism from National Geographic Washington DC USA. Saba did her master in Journalism and mass communication.
she is working as a freelance photojournalist for BBC Urdu and Next Lifestyle TV the USA.

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