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Las Vegas shooter’s father was on the FBI’s most wanted list

The Las Vegas shooter’s father was a violent bank robber who was on the FBI’s most wanted list in the 1970s.

An undated photo showing Eric Paddock (l.) with his brother, Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock. (JOHN RAOUX/AP)

Stephen Paddock killed at least 59 people and injured more than 500 others when he opened fire on concert goers at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

In the hours since the horrific massacre, the shooter’s brother revealed that their father Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, who went by the alias Patrick Benjamin Paddock, also had a violent criminal history.

He was a bank robber in the 1960s and 70s and even made it onto the FBI’s 10 most wanted list in 1968 after escaping from a Texas prison. He had been serving a 20-year sentence in a federal correctional facility after robbing a bank in Phoenix, Arizona in 1960.

An FBI poster circulating online says Benjamin was “diagnosed as psychopathic, has carried firearms in commission of bank robberies” and “reportedly has suicidal tendencies and should be considered armed and very dangerous.”

According to the FBI’s website, Paddock senior was removed from the most wanted list in 1977 because “it was felt he no longer fit the ‘Top Ten’ criteria.”

The agent in charge of the FBI’s office in Phoenix had described Paddock as “a glib, smooth-talking man who is egotistical and arrogant,” according to an archived article from the Tucson Daily Citizen.

The mass murderer’s family have expressed shock and horror at his actions. “It’s like an asteroid fell out of the sky,” his brother Eric said to CNN.

“We didn’t know him,” Eric Paddock said of their father.

The man who killed 59 people and injured more than 500 others at a Las Vegas music festival did not have a criminal record, according to local authorities. He was “not an avid gun guy,” his brother said, despite being found with at least 10 firearms.

At first glance, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock seemed ordinary – a retiree who enjoyed visiting Las Vegas to gamble and attend concerts. According to public records cited by The Washington Post, he also enjoyed hunting and was a licensed pilot who owned two planes.

Not only did Paddock enjoy listening to concerts, but he specifically enjoyed country music and attending live music events at Las Vegas hotels – the exact scene where he would eventually open fire on 22,000 concert-goers.

Since 2013, he had lived a quiet life in the small town of Mesquite, Nevada. He bought a three-bedroom home in a desert retirement community on the outskirts of town for $370,000 in 2015, according to public records.

“It’s a nice, clean home and nothing out of the ordinary,” Mesquite police department spokesman Quinn Averett told reporters, as quoted by Reuters. Some guns and ammunition were found inside – not necessarily a remarkable finding, in an area where gun ownership is high.

He had no criminal background, with Las Vegas Police confirming that he had no more than a routine traffic violation on his file.

His own family has expressed “horror” at what Paddock was capable of, killing 59 people and injuring at least 527 others as they listened to country music singer Jason Aldean at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on Sunday night.

“We are in complete shock, bewilderment, and horror. We have absolutely no idea how in the world Steve did this. Absolutely no concept,” an unnamed relative told the Post. “There was nothing secret or strange about him.”

The shooter’s brother, Eric Paddock, expressed the same level of shock, telling CBS News that the gunman was “not an avid gun guy at all.”

“The fact that he had those kinds of weapons is just – where the hell did he get automatic weapons?” he said.

He told CNN he was aware his brother had “a couple of handguns” which he kept in a safe, and “maybe one long rifle,” but no machine guns or automatic weapons that he knew of.

Authorities believe Paddock acted as a “lone wolf,” and have failed to come up with a motive.

“We have no idea what his belief system was,” Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said.

The gunman in the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip on October 2, 2017, has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Monday morning.

However, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the attack, alleging that Paddock had converted to Islam several months previously. No evidence was offered to substantiate the claim, and the FBI has since said there was no international terrorist connection, according to AP.

Paddock lived with a woman by the name of Marilou Danley, 62, who was initially sought by police for questioning. However, authorities have since said they do not believe she had any connection to the attack, CNN reported, noting that she was out of the country at the time of the incident.


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