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Justin Bieber’s disappointing performance at the Ambani Sangeet, for which he reportedly pocketed a staggering USD 10 million.

Netizens have flooded social media with criticism of his lackluster stage presence and questionable outfit choice.


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The extravagant wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant included a star-studded sangeet, attended by celebrities from Bollywood to Hollywood. According to Hindustan Times, Bieber’s highly anticipated performance became a focal point of the night, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Despite his hefty paycheck, Bieber’s enthusiasm seemed to have been left behind as he took to the stage in an outfit that drew as much attention as his performance did. Clad in a progressively slipping vest and trousers ensemble, he delivered lackluster renditions of hits like Peaches, Love Yourself, Where Are U Now?, and No Brainer.

Social media exploded with criticism, with users questioning the value of the USD 10 million expenditure. Comments ranged from sarcastic remarks about the performance quality to critiques of his attire and accusations of lip-syncing. The audience’s tepid response mirrored the general disappointment, with many expressing incredulity at the lack of engagement and energy.

Following the event, Bieber made a swift exit back to the US, still wearing the same lackluster outfit that had become emblematic of his lackluster performance. Other performers at the sangeet, such as Punjabi rapper Badshah and Karan Aujla, reportedly fared better with the audience.

In summary, Justin Bieber’s lackluster showing at the Ambani Sangeet has ignited a firestorm of criticism online, raising questions about the value of celebrity performances at extravagant events.

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