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Homemade “NASWAR” Story by Saba Rehman

Swabi is a district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. In this region most people are Pashtoon and their first language of Pashto. Swabi is one of the main producers of tobacco in the province and from this tobacco, they made SNUFF commonly known in Pakistan as “NASWAR”[RPG id=2896]

In some small villages of the district, people made Naswar inside their homes and it is called as “Home Made Naswar” in a Native village of Swabi one family run this homemade naswar business as their side business. Their two sons are school and college going students but before going to school and college they helped their parents to work out for naswar preparation.

It’s a tough and time taking process and one has to bear that very harsh and bad smell for long. In the start, they measure all the dry ingredients, mix them together and then put all dry material into machine and add waters slowly. Machine have to combine this mixture for fix 15 minutes during this process one boy has to add a small quantity of water time to time. After once the material is ready it is being brought to another machine where that machine has to piss it off for 20 minutes.

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Meanwhile, one boy has to set its corner and make a bowl of it. After this process that material is put up on the floor and members of the family sit together and few persons break that material into pieces and few are supposed to pack it up in small packing material. Once the process is completed they are supposed to put 28 small packets in one large bag. This one small packet of Naswar cost rupees Ten.

There are two forms of Naswar powder and a paste cake style mixed. It has a very pungent and powerful smell. They told me they also prepare Naswar in flavors like Cardamom flavor but surely they are prepared to order just.

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Saba Rehman Mohmand
Saba Rehman Mohmand is a photojournalist from Pakistan and right now she is only one from all FATA & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

She is a tribal girl who studied photojournalism from National Geographic Washington DC USA. Saba did her master in Journalism and mass communication.
she is working as a freelance photojournalist for BBC Urdu and Next Lifestyle TV the USA.

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