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Seminar in Paris “The Gulf Crisis Decrypt To Go Further” Initiated by the club Géopolitique and the CEPS.

Geopolitics is a discipline at crossroads between Geography, political science, military science that deals with relations between power and territories, in a real or perceived deconstruction power contest issues perspective.

Tabassum Saleem with Ambassador Bertrand Besancenot mediator in the Gulf by French president Emmanuel Macron.

The Geopolitics Club pretends to be an understanding of the complex balance of power in the world actor. It’s a space of exchange and meetings for who wants to understand the geopolitical process at work in parts of the world in order to ensure action.

Shrouded by Scholars, economic actors, and specialists, Club is mostly interested in North-South relations, the Near and Middle-East issues, but also to the South Asian continent and the Eurasian area.

it assumes its legitimacy from the multidisciplinary image in accordance with the diversity in the composition of the executive committee.

Among the Club leaders, the President, Tayeb Benaberrahmane, the General Delegate, Ibrahim Sorel Keita, and Tabassum Saleem, the International Delegate.

Because they are convinced that interstices spaces lie next to the states, where crises can be unwounded, by the organized civil society if it also bets the collective intelligence for Peace and democracy.

Such is the Geopolitics Club’s meetings endeavor, like that of Tuesday, 28 November in Paris at “Maison de l’Amérique Latine”, whose purpose is to understand the origins of the Gulf Arabian region crises in order to better surpass it.

President Tayeb Benabderrahmane
Vice-President Ibrahim Sorel Keita
Spokesmen Thierry Paul Valette with Almamy Kaloko
International delegate Tabassum Saleem

Tabassum Saleem international delegate, Almamy Kaloko and Thierry Paul Valette spokesman of the geopolitical club.
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