Film “Mimi” Reviews, Entry is Quick And Promising

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The film’s trailer, titled MIMI, looked intriguing, and audiences were eagerly anticipating its debut on July 30. As a result of this, the video was taken off from the internet immediately. Is MIMI able to enthrall and touch the hearts of its viewers? Or is it a letdown?

About two decades ago, Abbas-[2001] Mustan’s chori chori chupke chupke introduced the surrogacy notion to the public. Later, a few films explored this idea, but none of them stood out as particularly noteworthy. Dinesh Vijan’s Maddock Films and Jio Studios have now produced a new film on the subject of this issue.

Due to her limited financial resources, Mimi is scrimping and saving. She performs in dance shows to get money. There was a foreign couple named Summer (Evelyn Edwards, Aidan Whytock), who happened to see her during one of these performances. Since Summer is unable to conceive, they have been in India for a year looking for a surrogate mother. Their hunt for a healthy and active female partner has led them to Mimi, and they are certain that she will be the one to birth their kid. They enlist the aid of their chauffeur, Bhanu Pratap (Pankaj Tripathi), in their efforts to win her over. Bhanu will get Rs. 5 lakhs in exchange for his cooperation.

Surrogate mother MIMI tells the tale of a young woman who chooses to take on the role. Currently, it’s 2013. Kriti Sanon plays the role of Mimi Mansingh Rathore, a woman who lives in a tiny village in Rajasthan. Eventually, she’d want to pursue her acting career in Mumbai and fulfill her lifelong ambition. She keeps in contact with a movie producer named Jolly (played by Nadeem Khan). Her portfolio and even a music video may be done for a few lakhs if she moves to Mumbai and pays him.

She has no choice but to return to her residence. Her parents are clearly horrified. Mimi makes it seem as if Bhanu is the biological father of the kid in question. Mansingh and Shobha, despite their displeasure, accept the new situation. Nine months later, Mimi gives birth to a baby boy. The remainder of the movie revolves on what occurs afterwards.

Bhanu gladly agrees with me. Even after Mimi is promised she’ll be paid Rs. 20 lakhs, he manages to get her on board. It becomes clear that Mimi would have to keep her pregnancy secret from her parents, Mansingh and Shobha Rathore (Manoj Pahwa and Deepika Padukone respectively) (Supriya Pathak). As a result of this, she tells them that she has a part in a film that requires her to go immediately to Mumbai, where she would be working. She moved in with her friend, Shama, in her house (Sai Tamhankar). Bhanu, too, pretends to be her husband and moves in with her. Everything goes according to plan when Mimi becomes pregnant.

Summer and John find out a few months later that the kid growing within Mimi has Down’s Syndrome. This news has left Summer and John sad. They’ve come to the conclusion that they weren’t expecting this. They instruct Bhanu to advise Mimi that she should terminate the pregnancy. They return to the United States of America without ever having met her. Their actions have left Mimi speechless.