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Players mature quickly under new team culture – Kohli

This Indian team has rid itself of a culture in which newcomers were picked upon and judged, according to Virat Kohli. Though he didn’t specify whether that culture was something that existed in teams before his captaincy, or the one that Anil Kumble coached (and of which Kohli was captain), the assessment has the potential to be interpreted as a dig at a previous tenure.

Though the whitewash of Sri Lanka could be seen as a continuation of a sterling run of Test successes, with Ravi Shastri having replaced Kumble as coach, a line has been drawn under that tenure and this. Kumble left ultimately because of what he cited as an “untenable” relationship with Kohli, and after some players had complained of his “intimidating” style of man-management.

And whether or not Kohli was referring to those issues, he was clear that a new culture was emerging. “Culture can only be built when everyone buys into it,” Kohli said. “And the way that can happen is when you don’t have any judgements, people coming in and if you don’t look at them with a critical eye, watching everything they are doing and trying to pick on small things. I think that is something that we have gotten rid of totally.



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