‘The Foreigner’ Review: It’s Jackie Chan Vs. Pierce Brosnan In A Fine Action Thriller

STX Entertainment will open The Foreigner in North America following a relatively successful release in China. The Huayi Brothers Pictures and Wanda Pictures production comes with a budget of $35 million, meaning it’s already a hit since it has made at least $78m in China as of Wednesday. The question is whether this (mostly) English language action thriller will give Jackie Chan another North American hit, as this is his first movie to get a wide theatrical release since The Karate Kid back in June of 2010.
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Kangana Ranaut makes ‘badass’ look simple, human and full of heart – Simran Movie Review

In one of the film’s standout scenes, the protagonist Praful Patel – played effortlessly by Kangana Ranaut – tells her bride-to-be cousin about good girls and bad girls. The former can only manage a single boyfriend and the latter are lucky enough to land many, she declares quoting a worldly-wise mum. Early on in the film, we know Kangana was entrusted with the Herculean task of finding the grey space between good girls and bad girls. Read our review!

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