Barack Obama Congratulated Michelle on Her 55th Birthday With Heartwarming Words

Photo: barackobama (Instagram)

According to psychologists, ideal relationship includes passion, commitment, and intimacy. This is exactly the case with the marriage of Michelle and Barack Obama. And Mr. Obama’s heartwarming tribute on his wife’s birthday is a testament to their true love and happiness.

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can’t wait to share the words of Barack Obama with you, that he wrote for his wife on her birthday. They sound simple, but they touch the soul.

Michelle and Barack Obama are a prime example of a happy couple and have been married since 1992. They met when he was a young lawyer and joined the law firm his future wife was already working for. Since then, they have gone through many challenges, but have not lost each other.

Just by looking at them, we can see how happy they are. Barack never misses the opportunity to hug and kiss his wife. She, in turn, is a strong support for him. The couple also doesn’t hide that they turned to marriage counseling in order to solve their problems.

This year, Michelle turned 55 years old. And instead of loudly and embarrassingly congratulating his beloved wife, Barack Obama found touching and warm words to express his admiration and love.

Barack posted a photo of them when they were young on his Instagram profile. He accompanied it with a heartwarming inscription: “I knew it way back then and I’m absolutely convinced of it today — you’re one of a kind, @MichelleObama. Happy Birthday!”

Barack Obama’s sweet words prove that, even with a high profile and immense public attention, there is no need to be afraid to show your feelings. Do not be shy when talking about your love and demonstrating it. And even if you’re constantly busy, it’s possible to pay attention to loved ones and remain a loving husband and a caring father.