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Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry meets Senator Jack Reed

Washington DC: Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry met Senator Jack Reed (Democrat-Rhode Island) on Capitol Hill in Washington DC today. Senator Reed is the Ranking Member of Senate Armed Services Committee. He is also a member of Senate Appropriations and the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committees. 

Washington DC: Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry presented memento to the Sentor Jack Reed (D-RI) towards the end of their meeting at Capitol Hill today, 14 November 2017.

In his address, the Ambassador outlined the regional and global challenges confronting the world today and called for a global response to overcome challenges such as terrorism, poverty and climate change.

Ambassador Chaudhry briefed Senator Reed about Pakistan’s perspective on the new U.S. strategy for South Asia and the current situation in Afghanistan. Ambassador informed the Senator that Pakistan had successfully reversed the tide of terrorism by clearing its tribal and border areas of all militant groups. Marked improvement in the country’s security environment and growing global recognition of Pakistan’s status as an emerging economy are attracting foreign investors’ interest, including from corporate America.

Ambassador emphasized that Pakistan wanted to work with the United States to bring peace to Afghanistan because Pakistan’s economic and security gains would be at risk of instability in Afghanistan continues. He also expressed concern about the growth in ungoverned spaces inside Afghanistan, which were being used by terrorist elements to launch attacks against Pakistan.

Appreciating Ambassador Chaudhry’s briefing, Senator Reed said that sustained engagement between Pakistan and the United States remained critical to achieving peace in Afghanistan.

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