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“A Thursday” Movie Critic’s Review : A gripping storyline, flawless execution, and a stellar cast make this a must-see.


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There is a tremendous shocker on "A THURSDAY"

When a playschool teacher takes her 16 students hostage and makes a set of demands, it not only rattles the Mumbai police and the city, but sends shockwaves through the country and its leaders. Bringing to you the official trailer of ‘A Thursday’, streaming from 17th February 2022

On A THURSDAY, 16 children are abducted by a lady. She lives in Rohit Mirchandani’s spacious mansion with her fiance, Naina Jaiswal, played by Yami Gautam Dhar. Naina oversees a playschool that has been set up in a portion of his home. She becomes ill and has to return to playschool on a wet Thursday three weeks later.

Once their children are sent off by their parents, the maid, Savitri (Kalyanee Mulay), requests a day off since she has to update her Aadhaar information. When it comes to doing her job, Naina is adamant about doing it all on the same day. Naina contacts the Colaba Police Station after Savitri departs and tells them that she has kidnapped 16 children.

She wants to speak with Javed Khan, a well-known officer (Atul Kulkarni). After she hangs off the phone, she receives a visit from one of the children’s drivers, who has come to bring a package to her home. She welcomes him into her home. When the driver sees that she’s carrying a pistol, he freaks out. He attempts to raise the alarm when he feels frightened. He is restrained by his captor. Savitri shows up as luck would have it, having misplaced her mobile phone in the hotel room. She is also shackled. Catherine Alvarez (Neha Dhupia), a pregnant officer, comes at the scene. When Naina opens fire on her, the police realize the situation is dire.

Javed has been summoned right away. Naina tells Javed that she wants Rs. 5 crores from him. She promises to release one child once her demand is satisfied, and she’ll reveal the remainder of her requests at a later date. Naina’s second demand is to meet with the Prime Minister of India, Maya Rajguru, when her first demand is met and a kid is permitted to escape (Dimple Kapadia). The remainder of the film is based on what occurs after that.

There’s a lot to like in the tale of Ashley Michael Lobo and Behzad Kambata. A WEDNESDAY is also in the same time zone as this (2008). Filmmakers Behzad Kambata and Ashley Lobo’s script has a great deal of suspense and suspense. The authors have a good grasp on their subject matter and have crammed the story with a slew of exciting and unexpected twists and turns. A lot of emotion is conveyed via the conversation spoken by Vijay Maurya. A handful of Atul Kulkarni’s witty exchanges get a chuckle out of the audience.

Yami Gautam Dhar gives her best performance of her career. After this film, she’ll be seen in a new light. She’s always been a great performer. Her portrayal is flawless, and her ability to flip from threatening to empathetic in a matter of seconds is very remarkable. Atul Kulkarni excels as the witty and sympathetic officer, and he’s a joy to watch. The character Neha Dhupia plays here is more developed than in her previous role in SANAK [2021].

One thing to be applauded about the film’s conclusion is how well it honors the heritage and effect of its predecessor, A WEDNESDAY, by being powerful and clap-worthy. It’s also a bit disconcerting to see that a single individual was able to kidnap the children while the police and the commandos on the outside stood by and watched helplessly. Additionally, Shalini Guha’s (Maya Sarao) storyline is poor. However, the twists and turns in the second half more than make up for any slight flaws. Unpredictability adds to the intrigue.

The film’s opening credits give the impression that A THURSDAY would be a lighthearted, enjoyable watch. It isn’t long until the suspenseful background music begins to play, and it becomes clear that Naina has something awful planned. Despite the fact that she has taken the children hostage and negotiated with the police, she has done an excellent job.

When Catherine and Javed engage in their tu-tu main main, it raises the level of amusement. A compelling grilling of Rohit has ensued after the intermission. After this scene, the film becomes stale. It’s the moment in which Naina is assaulted while the kids are all wearing noise-cancelling headphones and listening to meditation music that really grabs my attention. The last 15-20 minutes of the film are excellent.

In addition, she gives an outstanding performance. Dimple Kapadia is excellent in the role and looks the part well. As a supporting actor, Karanvir Sharma is excellent. However, Maya Sarao is a wonderful person, but she doesn’t receive much attention. Boloram Das and Kalyanee Mulay both provide their expertise to the team. Others seem to be doing great.

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The outfits designed by Ayesha Khanna adhere to the script’s requirements for realism and non-glamour. Also, Vikram Dahiya’s actions are justified. Toward the beginning of the second half, Sumeet Kotian’s editing should have been better, but generally, it’s fantastic.A THURSDAY does not include any music. The suspenseful music by Roshan Dalal and Kaizad Gherda is one of the film’s standout features. Anuja Rakesh Dhawan and Siddharth Vasani did an excellent job on the filmmaking front. Design by Madhusudan N is a feast for the eyes.

A THURSDAY, as a whole, is a complete shocker. A tense plot, flawless execution, and the best performance ever by Yami Gautam Dhar are all there in this film. Films like this one should have been released in theaters instead of on videotape. There’s little doubt that had it been released on the big screen, particularly during the week of March 8th, it would have been the year’s best-kept secret. Definitely worth a try!

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Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed
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"A Thursday" Movie Critic's Review : A gripping storyline, flawless execution, and a stellar cast make this a must-see.There is a tremendous shocker on "A THURSDAY"